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Nice story. But it's not true. In both cases you will have a layer of glass between your finger and the reflective surface.

So how do you tell if the mirror is genuine or two-way? Simple:

Two-way mirrors work the same in both directions (otherwise they would be in violation with the 2nd law of thermodynamics). The trick is that one of the two rooms is much darker than the other one. You can see from the darker room to the brighter but not the other way around.

So first direct as much light at the mirror as possible.
Then form a tube with your hands, press one end of the tube at the glass and look with one eye through the other end, blocking all light from the room you are in. If necessary, use a black t-shirt or whatever else you have to block light from passing sideways through the glass into your tube.

If there is a room on the other side, it is illuminated enough by the light passing through the mirror that now your eye in your tube is in the darker room and you can see what's on the other side.
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